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10 Secret and Interesting Functions of PUBG

Hi guys!             Take back to a really special, really interesting PUBG Mobile TV! Today we're making one of my greatest PUBG Mobile pictures However, where I explored a ton in order to make that happen! We'll be getting the see 10 things you did not learn about at PUBG Mobile. My purpose is for you to see something new in the picture-I wish you did! Be sure to see this TV and get it about if you did! Loved this picture? Make sure to hit this " like " button, commentary, favorite, and write for more random play commentaries! Heck, even put the picture in the list if you indeed want! The following picture, whether it'll take The iOS game commentary, PC game statement, or any other device/console statement, would normally take out whenever I don' t have an idea for another series! They're not posted eaually much. but they're well worth. Whether you be download cold, savage, or attractive girl PUBG HD wallpaper for the cellphone or PC, We h

Not With the Bullet, But "With the Sound of the Bullet"

Not With the Bullet, But "With the Sound of the Bullet" It was a full moon night 'Milky light was scattered on the sand far away' The stars were shining 'We lay on the four legs in the shadow of the wires and the distant desert was scattered' It was the summer night of 1998 'Punjab. Today's Food Minister Samiullah Chowdhury was the then PML-N MPA. He was a young man, active in the city. Mian Nawaz Sharif gave him a ticket and he was elected MPA. He later became accused of attacking the Supreme Court, was convicted and his political career suspended. The N-League did not honor his sacrifices. Pakistan joined PTI 'MPA was elected and after 20 years of disgrace, again came into mainstream politics. I come back to the night of 1998 'Samiullah Chowdhury was my friend then' we decided to spend the night with him in the desert ', the tractor loaded the beds in the trolley and reached the desert and made a temporary camp for