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27 Facts That Will Make You Question Your Existence

                    This is Earth this is where you live and this is where you live in your neighborhood the solar system here's the distance between the Earth and the moon doesn't look too far does it think again at their farthest point the earth and the moon are two hundred and fifty two thousand eighty eight miles away inside that distance you could fit every planet in our entire solar system but let's talk about planets the Great Red Spot on Jupiter that's about two times as big as Earth and Saturn is about nine times wider than Earth Saturn's rings are so large that a few of the fragments within them are as large as mountains but that's nothing compared to our Sun just remember this is Earth and this is Earth from the moon this is Earth from Mars here's Earth from just behind Saturn's rings and here's Earth from just beyond Neptune four billion miles away but a billion is a big number so let's put that in perspective one million seconds equ