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100 Seconds Until Midnight........... "What is more Dangerous than Corona?"

100 Seconds till Midnight…              1947 after the devastating effects of WW2 “doomsday clock” was set to predict the likelihood of manmade global destruction. The clock was set at 7 minutes before midnight with midnight as a metaphor of global destruction. On 23 Jan clock was set to 100 seconds till midnight.           Corona virus is not the first of its kind and not evens the most deadly virus in the history, with the death rate of mere 4- 5%.  If it’s not that much dangerous then what is it that the world afraid of? Why is the clock set to 100 seconds till midnight? Should we be worried about it?  If yes then why? Yesterday I was reading a book named “Prisoners of Geography” in which the writer demonstrated an interesting fact that India and china one of the largest countries in the world have never been to war with each other except for once since from the known history according to him the reason is the highest mountain range, Himalaya, in the world among them w