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How Close is Science to Download the Human Brain

Is it possible for human beings to imagine immortality? Man has dreamed of living forever for thousands of years and it is a natural process for him to think so. Because man wants to live forever, he wants to know the secrets of the universe, the proof of which he has been expressing his desire in stories like the water of life. But is it really possible - in this we will find out whether man can attain immortality in any way, whether it is in the form of an advancement in science or in the form of a body of water like water? If so, how is it possible and if not, why is it? Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Human Life Expediency In order to estimate the stages from human birth to death, we must first understand why the human body eventually grows old, to which today's medical science gives us the answer that every The chromosomes in the genes in the human body are responsible for the growth of the body that is present in the DNA. These chromosomes give orde