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Mars in 4K

                                        This is the first time Mauritian footage has been featured in a stunning 4k resolution. So sit back, relax and enjoy this world-class journey. This is a high definition video (4K). Computers were damaged while making this video. NASA team has named Mars an unofficial place, which you will see on the screen in the bottom left hand corner. The footage was originally obtained by the three most successful rovers: spirit, opportunity and curiosity. When the respective missions were launched, the cameras aboard the rover were at the height of technology.    One question often asked is: Why don't we have a live video of Mars? Although the cameras are of high quality, the rate at which the rover can send data to the ground is the biggest challenge. Curiosity can only send data back to Earth in 32 kilometers per second. Instead, when the rover can be connected to the restoration orbit of Mars, we get a more reasonable speed of 2 megabits per second. H