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The Amazing Discovery of Human-like Creatures

"The Amazing Discovery of Human-like Creatures" Recently, scientists in South Africa have discovered a new human-like structure. This discovery was made in a deep cave burial chamber. The discovery of fifteen partial structures is a unique example of its kind in Africa. Researchers believe that this discovery will change our perceptions of the ancient man. The research, published in the scientific journal Alife, also indicates that these individuals were also religious. Named and included in the biological group 'Homo', modern humans also belong to such a biological group. Experts who have done the research are unable to say how long the creature survived, but Professor Lee Berger, the head of the researchers' team, told a British news agency that he believed it to be the first of its kind (Janus Homo). And it is possible that they lived in Africa up to 3 million years ago. Like other researchers, they have used t he term 'lost relationship

5 Wonderful Ways to Leave Your Job in the World of Some People

Five Wonderful Ways to Leave Your Job in the World of Some People Some people want to make the last day of work memorable A strange incident occurred on Thursday when US President Donald Trump's Twitter account was suddenly deleted and restored about eleven minutes later. After this incident, great things started happening on social media. Some thought that their account might have been hacked, and some thought it was a technical error. But when the truth of the incident was uncovered, it was revealed that the man was a Twitter employee. This man was the last day of employment at a Twitter company and made that day memorable before leaving his job. Leaving a job is a big and important decision for our career. Many times you have to decide to quit your job because of distress, low pay, or loss of co-operation with colleagues. One person quit his job in the middle of the flight But many times we happily quit a job, either at retirement or getting a be

Not With the Bullet, But "With the Sound of the Bullet"

Not With the Bullet, But "With the Sound of the Bullet" It was a full moon night 'Milky light was scattered on the sand far away' The stars were shining 'We lay on the four legs in the shadow of the wires and the distant desert was scattered' It was the summer night of 1998 'Punjab. Today's Food Minister Samiullah Chowdhury was the then PML-N MPA. He was a young man, active in the city. Mian Nawaz Sharif gave him a ticket and he was elected MPA. He later became accused of attacking the Supreme Court, was convicted and his political career suspended. The N-League did not honor his sacrifices. Pakistan joined PTI 'MPA was elected and after 20 years of disgrace, again came into mainstream politics. I come back to the night of 1998 'Samiullah Chowdhury was my friend then' we decided to spend the night with him in the desert ', the tractor loaded the beds in the trolley and reached the desert and made a temporary camp for

An American Businessman has Rented a House for $ 2 Million for Fear of Corona.

The US businessman rented a house for $ 2 million for fear of Corona. He knows how many rooms, bathrooms and modern facilities there are. Must read this article to find out this interesting information. Although it is not safe to carry the virus, the virus is not protected. Let's know.               New York After leaving the Corona virus in New York, Amirafadar is leaving the city and moving to temporary shelters away from humans. A businessman has rented a safe house away from New York, which is valued at US $ 3 million, or 30 million Pakistani rupees. New York's textile-related billionaire has rented a magnificent home on Long Island, a two-hour drive from New York, where rich people come for vacation. Although this area is not protected from the Corona virus epidemic but here There is a wide lawn where they can hide, and the name of the town is Bridge Hampton, where they will be staying in a large house until September this year. That's because