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How Different Animals See The World

                                   There are about 8.7 million animal species on our planet, most of which have yet to be discovered, and it will take us thousands of years to complete this small task. Each animal is very different from other animals in terms of its body structure and characteristics. But there is one thing in this size that is always the same and that is their eyes which are similar in appearance to humans and other animals.  But in terms of features, their structure and way of working are completely different. They see the world in a completely different way and this helps them to survive in their environment. For example, many people think that horses can look straight ahead just like humans. But this is not because their eyes are so far apart on either side of the head that they can see a very large area at the same time. Which helps to avoid these predators. But the disadvantage is that they cannot see the front area or they have two types of displays in front of