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The Amazing Discovery of Human-like Creatures

"The Amazing Discovery of Human-like Creatures" Recently, scientists in South Africa have discovered a new human-like structure. This discovery was made in a deep cave burial chamber. The discovery of fifteen partial structures is a unique example of its kind in Africa. Researchers believe that this discovery will change our perceptions of the ancient man. The research, published in the scientific journal Alife, also indicates that these individuals were also religious. Named and included in the biological group 'Homo', modern humans also belong to such a biological group. Experts who have done the research are unable to say how long the creature survived, but Professor Lee Berger, the head of the researchers' team, told a British news agency that he believed it to be the first of its kind (Janus Homo). And it is possible that they lived in Africa up to 3 million years ago. Like other researchers, they have used t he term 'lost relationship