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An American Businessman has Rented a House for $ 2 Million for Fear of Corona.

The US businessman rented a house for $ 2 million for fear of Corona. He knows how many rooms, bathrooms and modern facilities there are. Must read this article to find out this interesting information. Although it is not safe to carry the virus, the virus is not protected. Let's know.               New York After leaving the Corona virus in New York, Amirafadar is leaving the city and moving to temporary shelters away from humans. A businessman has rented a safe house away from New York, which is valued at US $ 3 million, or 30 million Pakistani rupees. New York's textile-related billionaire has rented a magnificent home on Long Island, a two-hour drive from New York, where rich people come for vacation. Although this area is not protected from the Corona virus epidemic but here There is a wide lawn where they can hide, and the name of the town is Bridge Hampton, where they will be staying in a large house until September this year. That's because