How Close is Science to Download the Human Brain

Is it possible for human beings to imagine immortality? Man has dreamed of living forever for thousands of years and it is a natural process for him to think so. Because man wants to live forever, he wants to know the secrets of the universe, the proof of which he has been expressing his desire in stories like the water of life. But is it really possible - in this we will find out whether man can attain immortality in any way, whether it is in the form of an advancement in science or in the form of a body of water like water? If so, how is it possible and if not, why is it? Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Human Life Expediency In order to estimate the stages from human birth to death, we must first understand why the human body eventually grows old, to which today's medical science gives us the answer that every The chromosomes in the genes in the human body are responsible for the growth of the body that is present in the DNA. These chromosomes give orders to the human body as to which part of the body to make when and how. Inherited from their parents. That is, inside these chromosomes are stored information about how our body will grow just like our parents. 

How Close is Science to Download the Human Brain, brain, robot, computer

Inside the beginning and end of the chromosomes is a cab that aims to cover and preserve the DNA in the chromosomes that are naturally present and these cabs are associated with aging as well as incurable diseases Is . Because the human cell starts to grow whenever it receives orders from DNA coding. So each human cell, which contains these chromosomes, makes its own continuous copies, and after each cell is ready, it is cut and a cap of delomeres is formed on its edges. As we age, these delomeres become smaller. They even disappear or do not survive. So now human cells stop dividing further and as a result our skin stops refilling or restoring itself. Wrinkles appear on our face, bones begin to weaken and the whole bodily system slowly begins to weaken like a dysfunctional machine. So one thing we understand from this is that if we have to stop the Aging Factor, then first of all we have to stop the Antilomers from Aging or from Growing. Professors at the University of Brighton in the UK say they have been able to recover telomeres inside their genes by experimenting on mice, flies and other animals. This multiplied their age during the experiments. But they cannot do this experiment on humans. Because the structure of human chromosomes and DNA is very different from that of animals, and the second most important reason is that human aging is related to thousands of other factors besides telomeres. That's why even if we cover one factor, the remaining 14,000 more are waiting for us. That is, it is biologically beyond human comprehension. Which is by no means possible. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world record for the longest human age is naturally held by a woman named Jenny Louis of France. She died on August 4, 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days, and she lived longer than her children. In 2011, scientific research found that developed countries such as Japan, the United States and Canada had the highest life expectancy due to good lifestyle, environment, food and above all good medical facilities. The first number is in Japan, where the average age of people is eighty-five years, and the same number is in Canada, and women are found to live longer than men. The graph of human life expectancy after the nineteenth century seems to be going up. This is because the advancement in medical science is due to the effects of good nutrition and good environment and today we are in the best of times. Where the average life expectancy of human beings is one hundred and fifteen years. Because if a person crosses the normal human age limit of eighty-five years, there is a good chance that he can reach the ideal age of one hundred and fifteen years. But if we talk about one hundred and twenty years, it is still not possible to get it with today's modern medical facilities. Because by the nineteenth century man has already seen the endurance of his body, the maximum output, that is, 120 years, which has been steadily declining over time. Thousands of years ago, human beings lived not hundreds but thousands of years, as we know from Islamic traditions that Adam (peace be upon him) is the father of all human beings. He was a thousand years old and then the age of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was 950 years and thus the ages of the Prophets who came gradually decreased. It was the time of your demise. That is 63 years. Medical science did not understand the shock. That is why science today is not able to modify DNA or make any changes within it. So we have to find another way to get immortality or eternal life. Many scientists still claim that by 2050 man will be able to attain eternal life. But not physically but mechanically. Because of the way technology is advancing today, man today is able to download and store human memory and its capabilities in the form of data through a computer and then later re-report the same data to a machine. Upload to So the person whose brain has been scanned and uploaded to the report should feel as if he has woken up from a deep sleep. But is that really possible? A very interesting experiment was done to prove this. A roundworm's brain was scanned and uploaded to the report in 2014. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. So a scientist at the Allen Institute in the United States tested it on a rat and scanned its brain and downloaded it to a computer. To do this, they had to divide the rat's brain into 25,000 different parts, each smaller than 40 nanometers. That is, less than a grain of sand. So if it is compared to the human brain, its size and the structure of the neurons are so large that it would take centuries to scan it, nor is today's latest technology capable of doing so. But the question also arises as to what will happen to your emotions and soul even if it is possible. Will they also download with your brain data. That is, we find out that it is nothing more than a mere figment of the imagination of a leading scientist. The human brain is still a mystery to science as to how it actually works. What are the factors in the human body that actually make us old and above all what is death? However, it is constantly being investigated. So that the new incurable diseases and the rate of human aging cannot be eliminated but can be reduced. Like a marsupial jellyfish. Which regains its sales as it approaches death. But still she cannot save herself from disease and external dangers and attain eternal life. Death is an inescapable fact which is by no means impossible for human beings to escape and there is no such thing in our entire universe except the essence of Allah Almighty or there is no such being that has been created and that One day perish That is, death did not come to him. Because the Hereafter is the only place where human beings will get their eternal life and will get the decision of heaven and hell according to their deeds. Being immortal may be a human desire, but in reality it is by no means possible. Neither today nor in the time to come because every living thing has to taste death one day. So instead of this temporary life, let us think of eternal life so that tomorrow we will not have to be ashamed before our Lord. I hope you have found something new in it.