100 Seconds Until Midnight........... "What is more Dangerous than Corona?"

100 Seconds till Midnight…
             1947 after the devastating effects of WW2 “doomsday clock” was set to predict the likelihood of manmade global destruction. The clock was set at 7 minutes before midnight with midnight as a metaphor of global destruction. On 23 Jan clock was set to 100 seconds till midnight.

100 Seconds Until Midnight........... "What is more Dangerous than Corona?" coronavirus update coronavirus india coronavirus live update coronavirus map coronavirus death toll coronavirus update coronavirus wiki coronavirus map coronavirus cases coronavirus worldometer coronavirus india coronavirus usa coronavirus live update coronavirus update coronavirus worldometer coronavirus live update coronavirus india coronavirus death toll coronavirus italy

          Corona virus is not the first of its kind and not evens the most deadly virus in the history, with the death rate of mere 4- 5%.  If it’s not that much dangerous then what is it that the world afraid of? Why is the clock set to 100 seconds till midnight? Should we be worried about it?  If yes then why?
Yesterday I was reading a book named “Prisoners of Geography” in which the writer demonstrated an interesting fact that India and china one of the largest countries in the world have never been to war with each other except for once since from the known history according to him the reason is the highest mountain range, Himalaya, in the world among them which has stopped them form waging a war against each other. But there is seemingly one enemy which has been able to get pass through those mountains and affect both countries equally i.e. COVID 19. The virus knows no boundaries. This microorganism has done something which human beings have never been able to do and it is to affect the whole world at the same time. That’s what the world is afraid of. That is what making everyone worried about. Let me rephrase my point:

Our enemy knows no boundaries……

That’s why doomsday clock has been set to 100 seconds.
This is not the first time we have faced this enemy and certainly this is not going to be the last one. Previously these outbreaks were once in a century event. But now the case is a bit different for my generation. It’s been only two decades since the dawn of 21st century and it’s the third outbreak world is facing. With this frequency we can expect one outbreak every decade. And this is going to get worse with each passing year.

I can’t help the feeling that it’s just a dress rehearsal for the 21st century.

So one thing is confirmed from this that something stronger and more intelligent then human has brought into action by humans and only thing stronger than us is Nature.

Since from the beginning human are exploiting the resources provided to them by nature but the rate of these exploitation has increased with an unprecedented rate since from the last century. Population of earth is growing at an exceptionally faster rate. With this rate of destruction of nature scientists have predicted the end of world in 2050.
             It may be the first lockdown but it certainly is not the last one. We all are expecting this to end in 20-30 days and after that everything will be normal. So let me burst this bubble for you nothing is going to be normal again. Nothing can’t be normal again. Nothing should be normal again. That was our normal behavior which was the cause of this outbreak in the first place. We have to change our way of living, we have to change our priorities to stop these kind of events from happening again or at least decrease there frequency.  Our reaction to this out break is going to decide the future of my generation and the generations next to us.                My father got 14 minutes on doomsday clock; I am getting 100 seconds I don’t know how much time Ibrahim, my nephew, is going to get. But all is not lost yet.
         A few days of lockdown have decreased the pollution level a lot. Animals are getting out of there habitats rare footages of animas are being captured. This is all just a reminder to us that we are not living in this world alone and nature can be revived again. We have done some exceptional job in controlling this virus. All we need to do is to prolong this behavior.

The first priority which we have right now is to stop this virus which we will do soon. But for long term planning our priority should be to stop these kinds of events from happening in the first place. We can only survive, in short term, if we stay alone. Earth can only survive, in long term, if we work together. The problem which we are facing now is not that our system failed to fight and stop this virus. The problem is we don’t have a system at all. We have never prepared ourselves to fight these kind of epidemics. World needs system, institutions, information and education to fight this.

        We need to take these viruses seriously and take some drastic steps to prevent global warming and environment pollution. We can react to this in a very healthy way like we are doing now. We need columns blogs information about these outbreaks in every newspaper every day. We need to educate our generation about this from every possible source of information out there. Our individual actions matter a lot. Our enemy doesn’t have boundaries; it does not discriminate among rich and poor. It does not care for anyone. This is the enemy which no other generation has ever faced before. So we can’t look at the past for answers. We need to take desperate measures to protect ourselves and this earth. Every person has to play part in this.  So for the starters the least which we can do is to change our own individual behavior and think before taking any action about the impact of it on our environment. And believe me this will make a lot of difference. Let’s rewind that clock and give our next generation more than 100 seconds on that clock. The only question which remains is:

Are we willing to fight this unseen enemy together?